Things to do in Mobile Alabama

1. Battleship Memorial Park

battleship-1110098_640-150x150 Battleship Memorial Park is an amazing experience with multiple military exhibits including the USS Alabama Battleship. You will be able to explore every nook and cranny of the 12 decks of this famed battleship including the brig and gun turrets (where you can man a 12mm gun). In addition to the battleship, you can also see the submarine USS Drum up close and personal as well as over 25 aircraft. Spend just a few hours or stay the day. All tours are self-guided.

2. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

cathedral-1606249_640-150x150 If you enjoy the beautiful architecture and tranquility of churches, a visit to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a must-visit. Construction on the cathedral began in 1835 and was consecrated by the First Bishop of Mobile in 1850. It is open each day where you see the intricate architectural details and colorful stained glass of the sanctuary or walk in the lovely gardens.

3. Mobile Carnival Museum

venetian-mask-1342242_640-150x150 Visit the Mobile Carnval Museum to learn about the birthplace of Mardi Gras. Learn from tour guides about the rich traditions of the winter festival and see the intricate designs of the costumes of past Mardi Gras monarchy. Learn how floats and costumes are made and even get a behind-the-mask look at past parades by climbing aboard a float. There is complimentary parking and 2 of 3 floors are wheelchair accessible.

4. Dauphin Street

mobile-1606282_640-150x150 Dauphin Street is one of the historic areas of downtown Mobile. Visit some of the oldest shops in Mobile filled with unique items and souvenirs. Visit the famed A & M Peanut shop for hot roasted peanuts, chocolates and confectionery treats. There are restaurants and cafes along with an old one-screen movie theater. Take a walking tour and explore architecture of the late 19th century.  Parking along Dauphin Street is free for two hours.

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