Where do cruise ship staff sleep?

Last updated on October 5th, 2021 at 09:12 pm

Cruise ship staff stay on the ship. Even ships with several thousand passengers have room for all the staff to sleep on the ship. 

On a cruise ship, there are lower decks that aren’t seen by the public and this is where the crew areas are located. Most passenger decks start at Deck 2, but there is quite a bit more space in the hull of the ship, even below the waterline. 

The officers, supervisors, staff and crew have a hierarchy depending on the job they are performing. For someone at the “bottom” of the hierarchy, their cabins are often small, and the space is shared, with little room for anything other than essentials.

The higher up the job ladder, the more space and privacy (and windows) they’ll have. 

The staff living areas have everything you would expect to find. Cabins usually for 2 people per room, eating areas, a bar, recreation rooms, offices and exercise facilities.


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