Cruise Ports in Mexico & Mexican Riviera

Most of us are familiar with Mexico, but less so the Mexican Riviera. This phrase refers collectively to twenty cities and lagoons that lie on the western coast of Mexico.


These cities all have oceanfront resorts that are popular among tourists, and so the phrase was coined.


Cozumel Mexico, an island off the coast of Mexico is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the entire world with millions of visitors each year. 


Acapulco is one of the beach resort towns and sits on a large bay backed by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. Stop off here for high-energy nightlife, beaches during the day, and the opportunity to golf.


One of the attractions in Acapulco is to watch professional divers plunge 130 feet from the La Quebrada cliff into a small ocean cove below.


If you prefer something a bit tamer, Cabo San Lucas will provide you with the chance to explore by ATV, with a guide, over 100 acres of Cabo coastline, desert, mountains, canyons, and riverbeds.


You will also be able to get surfing lessons or snorkel along the Golden Coast of the Sea of Cortez. Puerto Vallarta is a stunning resort town with spectacular beaches, marine life, and lots of unique cuisines.


Puerto Vallarta will have something for everyone from seafood to fusion cuisines, sushi, and authentic Mexican fare!


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