Frequently Asked Cruise Questions

Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 03:06 pm

Have questions about cruising? Maybe it’s your first time taking a cruise and you just need to get some answers. Or, maybe you’ve been cruising for a while and you’ve come here looking to get your question answered. Keep reading! 

Cruise FAQ's

Are cruises good for wheelchair users?
Do cruise ships have doctors onboard?
Do cruise ships have dentists onboard?
Do cruise ships provide irons & ironing boards?
Do cruise ships provide curling irons?
Do cruise ships have hair dryers in the rooms?
Do cruise ships allow guns onboard?
Do cruise ships have jails?
Do cruise ships have free WiFi or Internet?
Do cruise ships have family rooms or suites?
Do cruise ships have free food?
Do cruise ships have fireworks?
Do cruise ships have gluten-free food?
Do cruise ships have ATMs?
Do cruise ships have morgues?
Do cruise lines allow pets or can I take pets on a cruise ship?
Do cruise lines search luggage before boarding? 
Can cruise lines change your itinerary?
Do cruise ships get bedbugs?
Do cruise ships get attacked by pirates?
Do cruise ships get cold at night?
Can cruise ships tip over or sink?
Can cruise ships handle rough seas?
Can cruise ships leave passengers behind? 
Do cruises include flights?
Do cruises go on sale? 
What happens on a cruise if there is a hurricane or storm? 
What does a cruise ship do with human waste? 
Where do cruise ship staff sleep?
Where do I park my car when I go on a cruise?
Are cruises safe?
Do cruise ships provide soap and shampoo?
Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?


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