The main city of Grand Bahama, Freeport’s lure is the sun, warm winters and tropical white sand beaches. Built in an area that was once swamp and scrubland, Freeport is a relatively new city. Established in only 1955, it has become a hub for international businesses and tourism.

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Bahamian Dollar. The Bahamian Dollar is on par with the U.S. Dollar and both are accepted throughout the island. There are a number of ATMs including an RBC and CIBC ATM in the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Wireless Internet:

Wifi is readily available in Freeport. A few businesses that offer free Wifi include Cafe Breeze and Sparky’s Bar in the Port Lucaya Marketplace.



Where You Dock in Freeport – Bahamas

The cruise ship port is about a ten-minute drive outside the City of Freeport. A variety of shops and restaurants are in the immediate area but transportation will be required to travel into the city or to one of the many beaches.

Getting Around Freeport – Bahamas

Taxis and shuttles are both available to transport you to Freeport and back. Taxis will cost around $5 per person (each way). Often a round-trip ticket can be purchased for the shuttles which will decrease costs slightly.


Shopping In Freeport – Bahamas

Freeport is known for its duty-free shopping opportunities, The Port Lucaya Marketplace being the most frequented. It has a focus on Clothing, Jewellery, Art and Souvenirs. Be sure to know your duty-free shopping laws before you begin your spending spree.


Dining In Freeport – Bahamas

With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one.
A few fun, beachy options include the fabulously named Tony Macaroni’s Conch Experience, a thatch-roof shack on Taino Beach with great basics like burgers, lobster and conch burgers — and Banana Bay on Fortune Bay Drive.


Things To Do in Freeport – Bahamas

Beaches – At any tropical port of call, the beaches have to be one of the most sought-after destinations. Freeport offers many – Lucaya Beach, Taino Beach, Fortune Beach, Coral Beach and more!

Shark Diving, Snorkelling, Cave Diving and Scuba Diving – With crystal blue water that is so clear it should be on a postcard, Freeport is the ideal location to try out water activities or embark on an ocean adventure.

Garden of the Groves – 12 acres of local wildlife and plants, you can easily spend a few hours enjoying the ambience, water features and birds in this carefully maintained environment.


Top Tours & Excursions In Freeport – Bahamas

Garden of the Groves & City Tour

This narrated bus tour takes you along the scenic Sunrise Highway to the lush forest with winding trails and waterfalls of Garden of the Groves before heading to the Port Lucaya Marketplace for some great shopping and great cafes....

Photo credit: daisyelaine / Foter / CC BY
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activity Level: Easy