blank A 2,400 acre private island in the Bahamas, this largely undeveloped paradise is owned by Holland America, (Carnival Cruises also stop here). Most of the island is a nature reserve and an important nesting site for waterfowl. The 50 acres that are currently developed are in the area of the incredible crescent-shaped white sand beach, from which the island gets its name.  

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USD. (Though most activities/items will be purchased with your provided cruise card.)

Wireless Internet:

There is currently no Wifi available on the island.



Where You Dock in Half Moon Cay Bahamas

There is nowhere for the ships to dock so all passengers are tendered to the island.




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Getting Around Half Moon Cay Bahamas

All activities and attractions on Half Moon Cay are within walking distance. There is also a tram available to save time.


Shopping In Half Moon Cay Bahamas

There are several souvenir shops and the popular ‘straw market’.


Dining In Half Moon Cay Bahamas

A BBQ lunch will be served between 11:30 and 1:30, the price of which is always included in the cruise package. There are several bars dotted around the developed area which can offer a snack or beverage at other times.


Things To Do in Half Moon Cay Bahamas

Land and Sea – Horseback Riding – Ride a magnificent beast across the white sand beaches, take the horse for a swim in the ocean and explore all the beautiful sights this island has to offer.





Stingray Adventure – Learn about the sleek and fascinating creature’s life and habitat. Then wade in and discover the amazing feel of stingray skin and watch them play!



Tropical Outdoors Adventures – Whether your thing is cycling around carefully maintained trails or snorkelling in the clear water, you’ll find it all on Half Moon Cay. Rentals are available for water sports; watercraft, kayaks and more.