Located in the northern Inside Passage, on Chichagof Island, Icy Strait Point was built on the former Hoonah Packing Company site. Icy Strait is a unique port stop as it is not a city or town, but instead a stop to give cruise passengers an authentic Alaskan experience, and they strive to keep the port non-commercialized. The port was built by the Huna Totem Corporation, an organization which represents the Tlingit people in Hoonah, Alaska's largest Huna Tlingit village.



American Dollar; There are no banks or ATMs in Icy Strait Point, so it’s advised to get cash aboard your ship to use at the restaurants and tips for your excursion guides. The shops take credit cards. Be aware the since most items have to be shipped in, the cost of food and goods will be higher than other locations.

Wireless Internet:

Available at the Landing Zone Restaurant & Bar



Where You Dock in Icy Strait Point – Alaska

Ships anchor off shore in Port Frederick Bay and take tender boats to the pier. UPDATE: a new floating pier is being built to allow ships to dock, which means no more tenders! It will be ready for the 2016 season.


Getting Around Icy Strait Point – Alaska

Everything in Icy Strait is within a 10-15 minute walk, so there are rental cars or taxis. Most transportation is booked through excursions, but there may be a few locals offering rides, trying to capitalize on cruise passengers.


There is a Bike Excursion offered at Icy Strait, through the port, but bikes are not available for rent if you don’t take the excursion.


Shopping In Icy Strait Point – Alaska

There are 12 shops located inside the old Cannery Building, offering local goods, most of which are native owned.


There is a goldsmith and bead shop to find jewelry, wood crafts and quilting, book store, clothing, Alaskan made soaps and candles, a salmon store which you can purchase caviar, canned sockeye and even salmon jerky, and a spot where you can purchase local traditional herbal remedies.


Dining In Icy Strait Point – Alaska

There are three restaurants, a snack bar & cafe. The cuisine is delicious and simple, served by friendly locals in a warm environment. Fresh seafood is, of course, a specialty.


The Cookhouse Restaurant – Waterfront Outdoor dining – specialties include: Halibut & Chips, Hoonah Fish Taco, & Caribou Sliders


The Landing Zone Bar & Grill – Located at the base of the ZipRider – watch your friends and family on the tv screen as they step off the zipline platform – traditional bar and grill cuisine with a twist – try the Caribou chili!


The Crab Station – watch the staff take the fresh Dungeness crab from the boat to the cleaning table and into the restaurant to be cooked and served – as fresh and you can get! Enjoy the scenery while eating out on the dock!


Mug Up! Espresso & Snack Bar – located inside the Fish House Excursion Lounge – grab a latte and a sandwich, then have a delicious baked good for desert.


Things To Do in Icy Strait Point – Alaska

Hiking – hiking and walking trails are clearly marked, taking you around the shoreline and into and around forests and lakes – see the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska


Historic Cannery Museum – see the history of fish canning through equipment and demonstrations – a guided tour is available


Native Heritage Center – watch the Huna Tlingit Dancers in elaborate costumes enact their heritage and culture through storytelling, dance and song.


Top Tours & Excursions In Icy Strait Point – Alaska

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  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: A collapsible wheelchair (advance notice required)
Stream Fishing

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