Norfolk Cruise Terminal Parking

UPDATE: MAY 2024 Until further notice, the Port of Baltimore has suspended vessel traffic due to the bridge collapse. Cruise traffic will be rerouted from Baltimore to Norfolk. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects to reopen the main shipping channel, which is 700 feet wide and 50 feet deep, by the end of May.   This opening, however, will not apply to cruise ships. At this point in time, the Unified Command is using the cruise terminal as a command center. The lobby of the terminal is being used by the Coast Guard and the Navy. For cruise ships, it is expected that the port will be out of commission indefinitely.

Norfolk Cruise Terminal - Onsite Parking

For up-to-date information about parking at the Norfolk Cruise terminal, please go to: The City of Norfolk, and search for “cruises.”   This will give information current to cruise lines that are using Norfolk as their port after the Baltimore bridge collapse. 


The parking rate is $15.00/day for passenger cars (up to 15 passenger vans) payable upon entry by cash or credit card.  For future cruise passengers, passenger drop-offs and pick-ups: Due to traffic safety restrictions in the Terminal’s front drive, drop offs and “for-hire” vehicles (Taxis, Uber, Lyft, Limousines, etc.) must drop off passengers street side; ideally on Waterside Dr. or on Main Street just across from the Terminal.  Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore In the wake of the tragic loss of life and the collapse of Baltimore’s Key bridge, cruise lines will be looking towards Norfolk for a port from which to sail.  The Baltimore port serves four cruise lines, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and American Cruises.  The most pressing issue to restoring the harbor for vessel traffic is to remove the wreckage of the cargo ship that struck the bridge and the superstructure of the bridge. The structure of the bridge is so heavy that pieces will need to be cut so that they can be handled by cranes.  There is also the concrete from the pilings that will need to be removed before vessels can safely traverse the harbor. It will take weeks, maybe even months to clear a path for vessels, and it could be up to a year before the harbor is completely clear. However, it is expected that the harbor will not have to be completely cleared in order that the port can commence vessel traffic. The rebuilding of the Key bridge will take years to complete, but once the harbor is open to vessel traffic, cruise lines should be able to return to the Baltimore port. As with all such fluid situations, it is important to seek out the most up to date information.    Note: Parking prices are subject to change without notice. Contact the cruise terminal for the most current pricing. Location - Cedar Grove parking - 1000 Monticello Ave, Norfolk, VA     In 2023, the City of Norfolk changed from a security company to sheriff's deputies that monitor the parking lot 24/7,  and "cruise parking" signs will be posted along St. Paul's Blvd. Luggage Drop-Off - drop-off at Half Moone terminal is preferred, but you may also take luggage to Cedar Grove parking, then on to the complimentary shuttle to the terminal Fee - $15/day Payment Methods - Cash, Traveler's Checks, Visa, MC, AMEX - paid upon lot entrance Complimentary shuttle from Cedar Grove parking to Half Moone terminal, including accessible shuttles for wheelchair users.  

Norfolk Cruise Terminal - Off-Site Parking

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