Norfolk Cruise Terminal Information

Update Week of May 20, 2024

Almost two months after the cargo ship Dali struck the Key Bridge in the Port of Baltimore, the ship was refloated and moved from the site of the collapse. 

Guided by five tugboats, the Dali with her crew (on board all these weeks), moved about a mile an hour for the 2.5 miles back to port. 

The removal of the cargo ships makes it possible for the clearing of the channel to be cleared to its original 700 feet width. This may be possible within the next two weeks. 

Royal Caribbean and Carnival are getting ready to sail out of the Port of Baltimore on May 25th and May 26th. 

Update March 29, 2024

Rerouting of Cruise Ships to Norfolk Due to Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore

In the wake of the tragic loss of life and the collapse of Baltimore’s Key bridge, cruise lines will be looking towards Norfolk for a port from which to sail. 

The Baltimore port serves four cruise lines, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and American Cruises. 

The most pressing issue to restoring the harbor for vessel traffic is to remove the wreckage of the cargo ship that struck the bridge and the superstructure of the bridge. The structure of the bridge is so heavy that pieces will need to be cut so that they can be handled by cranes. 

There is also the concrete from the pilings that will need to be removed before vessels can safely traverse the harbor.

It will take weeks, maybe even months to clear a path for vessels, and it could be up to a year before the harbor is completely clear. However, it is expected that the harbor will not have to be completely cleared in order that the port can commence vessel traffic.

The rebuilding of the Key bridge will take years to complete.

For up-to-date information about parking at the Norfolk Cruise terminal, please go to:

The City of Norfolk, and search for “cruises.”   This will give information current to cruise lines that are using Norfolk as their port after the Baltimore bridge collapse. 


The parking rate is $15.00/day for passenger cars (up to 15 passenger vans) payable upon entry by cash or credit card. 

For future cruise passengers, passenger drop-offs and pick-ups:

Due to traffic safety restrictions in the Terminal’s front drive, drop offs and “for-hire” vehicles (Taxis, Uber, Lyft, Limousines, etc.) must drop off passengers streetside; ideally on Waterside Dr. or on Main Street just across from the Terminal. 

 Norfolk Cruise Terminal Information

The Port of Norfolk,  Decker Half Moone Center cruise terminal is located at One Waterside Drive. The terminal is located beside Nauticus, an interactive science and technology center and home of the Battleship Wisconsin,  the entrance of which is at the corner of Waterside Drive (turns into Boush St.) and Main St. W.


cruise ship at Half Moone Cruise Terminal in Norfolk VA


Carnival Cruise Norfolk

Carnival Cruises is currently the only cruise line which sails from Norfolk.


The parking is located a few blocks away, but there is a complimentary shuttle. It is suggested to drop luggage off at the terminal prior to parking. See here for more details.


Hotels close to the Norfolk cruise port


Norfolk Weather

The weather in Norfolk remains at a pretty mild 10° to 26° all year round. With a marine subtropical climate, Norfolk gets more than 1300 mm of rain throughout year. Although most any month can be wet, most rainfall occurs from April to August. Norfolk’s summers are generally warm and long, with the winter months wetter than the rest of the year while still retaining its mild climate.


Thunderstorms are most common during winter and spring with approximately 12 storms–and sometimes even a hailstorm or two–occurring throughout the course of a year.


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