Can cruise ships tip over or sink?

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 07:51 pm

If you’re ever looking at a cruise ship, noticing how tall and narrow they look, you might be thinking to yourself “can cruise ships tip over?” or “Could this cruise ship sink?” – You aren’t alone in wondering.

Technically, yes, cruise ships “could” tip over or sink, but the chance of either happening is extremely low. 

Over the years there have been incidents with cruise ships sinking, like the Costa Concordia, when it collided with an underground rock after the captain steered the ship too close to shore causing the death of 32 passengers.

Another famous example that comes to mind is of course the Titanic

But before you cancel your cruise, let’s examine this further. 

Every year, millions of people travel on cruises around the world, enjoying a wonderful vacation without incident. Cruise ships are very safe, the ship staff are trained extremely well to handle emergencies and the chance of something happening is slim. 


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