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The unique town of Whittier, Alaska is located approximately 65 miles south of Anchorage.

With a population of approximately 200, Whittier is situated overlooking Prince William Sound, and has an industrial and military feel, due to it playing a key role in Alaska’s defense strategy during World War II. In fact, the majority of the town citizens live in what was army barracks – the 14-storey Begich Towers.

Due to the wild weather that strikes in the winter, town amenities such as the Police Department, Medical clinic, Post Office, grocery store, laundromat, are all located inside the towers so residents don’t have to go outside. There is even an underground tunnel which leads to the school, built behind the condo building, so students don’t get cold.

Though small in size, there are various accommodations, restaurants and activities for cruise passengers to enjoy, and are all within walking distance of the terminal. There is an ATM located at the Harbor Store.

Cruises from Anchorage/Whittier:

Princess Cruises – Island Princess, Royal Princess, Coral Princess, Golden Princess, Grand Princess, Pacific Princess

Closest Airport to Whittier

Most passengers fly into Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), which is serviced by major domestic airlines as well as JetBlue, Frontier, and a few international airlines. In addition to cruise line airport transfers, there are other modes of port transportation available in Whittier, such as train, shared motorcoach shuttle and car rental. Avis is the only rental agency available in Whittier and is located in the Harbor Store.

Weather in Anchorage

Even though Alaskan cruises are during the summer months, the temperatures are not warm. July and August provide average highs of 62 degrees F and lows of 50 degrees F. The driest months are June and July. In the summer, Whittier enjoys 22 hours of daylight.

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