Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Loyalty Programs: Sailing to Rewarding Adventures

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The Crown & Anchor Society offers several membership tiers, each with its own set of privileges and rewards. As passengers cruise with Royal Caribbean, they accumulate points that determine their loyalty status.
crown and anchor loyalty program
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Royal Caribbean Cruises, one of the world’s leading cruise lines, has a robust loyalty program known as the “Crown & Anchor Society.” This program is designed to recognize and reward passengers who choose to cruise with Royal Caribbean repeatedly.

In 2023, Royal Caribbean celebrated twenty-five years that their loyalty program has been helping guests to get the most out of their cruises.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Royal Caribbean’s loyalty programs, exploring the various membership levels, benefits, and how they enhance the cruise experience. Even if you decide not to participate in a loyalty program, Royal has other benefits for their guests, like discounted drink packages.

For those on the inside, the enthusiasm shared for the brand has coined the term “Loyal to Royal”.

Membership Levels

The Crown & Anchor Society offers several membership tiers, each with its own set of privileges and rewards. As passengers cruise with Royal Caribbean, they accumulate points that determine their loyalty status. Let’s explore each level:

1. Gold: Passengers become Gold members after completing their first cruise with Royal Caribbean. At this level, members enjoy benefits such as exclusive onboard offers and priority check-in.

2. Platinum: After completing 30 points (cruise nights), passengers attain Platinum status. Platinum members receive additional perks, including priority seating at shows, access to a private departure lounge, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the ship.

3. Emerald: Achieving 55 points grants passengers Emerald status. Emerald members enjoy even more benefits, such as complimentary beverages during evening happy hours and exclusive access to a concierge lounge.

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4. Diamond: The Diamond level is reached after accumulating 80 points. Diamond members receive a range of exclusive benefits, including priority access to specialty restaurants, a nightly Diamond Lounge experience, and a complimentary one-hour internet package.

5. Diamond Plus: After amassing 175 points, passengers attain Diamond Plus status. At this level, members enjoy enhanced benefits, including priority boarding, complimentary access to specialty restaurants, and a welcome amenity in their stateroom.

6. Pinnacle Club: The highest level in the Crown & Anchor Society is the Pinnacle Club, which is achieved after accumulating 700 points. Pinnacle Club members enjoy unparalleled privileges, including complimentary beverages throughout the day, access to the exclusive Pinnacle Lounge, and a personalized gift.

Program Benefits and Rewards

The Crown & Anchor Society offers a wide array of benefits and rewards to enhance the cruise experience for loyal Royal Caribbean passengers. Here are some of the key benefits associated with the program:

1. Exclusive Onboard Offers: Gold members and above receive exclusive onboard offers, such as discounts on shore excursions, spa treatments, and specialty dining.

2. Priority Check-In: Expedited check-in and boarding processes ensure that Crown & Anchor Society members can start enjoying their cruise more quickly.

3. Priority Seating at Shows: Platinum members and above enjoy priority seating at entertainment venues, ensuring they have excellent views of shows and performances.

4. Private Departure Lounge: Platinum members and above have access to a private departure lounge, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment while waiting to disembark.

5. Concierge Lounge: Emerald members and above can access a dedicated concierge lounge, offering personalized assistance and access to exclusive events.

6. Diamond Lounge: Diamond members and above have access to a nightly Diamond Lounge experience, complete with complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres.

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7. Complimentary Internet: Diamond members receive a complimentary one-hour internet package, allowing them to stay connected while at sea.

8. Priority Boarding: Diamond Plus members and above benefit from priority boarding, reducing wait times during embarkation.

9. Complimentary Specialty Dining: Diamond Plus members receive complimentary access to specialty restaurants, allowing them to enjoy fine dining experiences at no extra cost.

10. Pinnacle Lounge: Pinnacle Club members have access to the exclusive Pinnacle Lounge, where they can relax in a luxurious setting and enjoy complimentary beverages.

Earning Points and Milestone Rewards

Cruise points in the Crown & Anchor Society are typically earned based on the number of cruise nights (points) passengers accumulate. Different stateroom categories may earn varying points per night, with suites generally earning more points than standard staterooms. In addition to the loyalty points, Royal Caribbean offers milestone rewards to celebrate passengers’ loyalty.

Enhancing the Cruise Experience

The Crown & Anchor Society enhances the cruise experience for Royal Caribbean passengers in several ways:

1. Streamlined Check-In: Priority check-in and boarding streamline the embarkation process, minimizing wait times and making the start of the cruise more convenient.

2. Enhanced Entertainment: Priority seating at shows ensures that members have excellent views of the ship’s entertainment offerings, enhancing their overall cruise experience.

3. Exclusive Lounges: Access to private lounges, such as the Diamond Lounge and Pinnacle Lounge, provides a tranquil and upscale atmosphere for relaxation and socialization.

4. Complimentary Amenities: Complimentary beverages, internet packages, and specialty dining add significant value to the cruise, allowing members to enjoy more of what the ship has to offer.

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5. Personalized Service: The Crown & Anchor Society provides members with personalized service and assistance, making them feel like valued guests.

6. Access to Exclusive Events: Members often have access to exclusive events and parties, creating opportunities for socializing and building connections with fellow cruisers.

Final Thoughts

The Crown & Anchor Society is a testament to Royal Caribbean’s commitment to rewarding and recognizing its loyal passengers. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned Royal Caribbean enthusiast, the program offers valuable benefits and rewards that enhance the overall cruise experience.

From priority check-in to exclusive lounges and complimentary amenities, the program caters to passengers at various stages of their cruising journey. It fosters a sense of community among loyal cruisers and creates a lasting bond between passengers and the cruise line.

As the cruise industry continues to evolve, loyalty programs like the Crown & Anchor Society play a vital role in building strong relationships with passengers, ensuring that they keep coming back for more unforgettable adventures on the high seas. For those who have experienced the Royal Caribbean way of cruising, the loyalty program is an invitation to embark on exciting journeys, explore new destinations, and create lasting memories, all while enjoying a host of exclusive benefits and rewards.

For a complete listing of benefits, along with terms and conditions, go here: Crown and Anchor Member Benefits


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